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Sicilian Sea Salt

This Sicilian Sea Salt is hand-crafted in traditional salt pans that stretch along the historic “salt roads” in Sicily. This region is home to the town of Trapani, with some of the oldest salt marshes in Europe. This natural sea salt is loaded with minerals such as fluorine, iodine, magnesium and potassium. The salt pans of the flat marshland Trapani coast are filled with water from the ocean in the early spring and left to evaporate from the strong African winds and hot Sicilian summer sun capturing this gourmet salt, highly revered across the whole world as some of the best quality and tasting sea salt. It makes everything taste delicious, from pasta to pineapple!

Sea Salt With Herbs, Villa Reale
The artisans at Villa Reale in Sicily have crafted this vibrant gourmet sea salt for use as a meat rub or seasoning... Full details

Sea Salt With Herbs, Villa Reale

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