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novelty luggage crew labels - Bentley team
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novelty luggage tag team - Bentley Team

As a Private Jet Charter after us constant problems with paper luggage tags, if they still shabby and torn or just pulled just over the table - especially on longer journeys. We came up with the idea, personalized for the supply crew tags for flight personnel around the world, without paying the earth for it !

Since then we have grown and offer our personal baggage tags for both crew and passengers alike - with eye-catching and sturdy luggage straps and tags that will stand up to even the most enthusiastic baggage handlers .

Rushjets luggage tags are available in almost every airline livery we know - but if you do you can not find, please let us know and we will add it to our list so that you get your own airline colors on the luggage tag. Each crew tag comes with the airline logo on one side and your own personalized information on the other - such as name and crew number .

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