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Rushjets Private Jet Charter offers Jets can arrange any type of jet (Advert )

Rushjets   Private Jet Charter offers Jets can arrange any type of jet (Advert ) -  Inflightgoods

Rushjets Private Jet Charter offers Jets can arrange any type of jet (Advert )

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Rushjets Private Jet Charter offers Jets can arrange any type of jet (Advert )






Flying high in the world of private air travel for nearly 30 years

During this time, people in the know have relied on us to provide the highest quality personal air travel service. Be it for business, personal or corporate entertainment purposes. Quite simply, we have the experience and ability to make sure you get where you need to be, when you need to be there - in style.

We can arrange your travel in a matter of hours, and depending on your departure/destination can arrange everything from just one phone call. We can arrange to have you collected in a luxury car, driven to your Jet, and flown wherever you need to go. We can handle everything for you!


 Long Tradition of Putting the Customer First

Our business has been built over many years of listening to what our clients want and tailoring our services to deliver it – each and every time. Our team have a passion for surpassing expectations and will go to great lengths to tailor each global jet to your specific itinerary, timing and budget. By combining the latest technology and modern, efficient systems with good, old-fashioned values we believe we’ve got the formula right for providing our clients with a jet charter service that is second to none.

Without this ongoing commitment, we would not have become one of the largest independent aircraft charter brokers in the world - a position we’re proud of today.

We always strive to make your trip extra special and totally personal to you. Birthdays, gourmet foods, VIP services, even favourite crew, are just part of the service. So, if there is anything you want with your jet hire – just ask

Minimum Fuss, Maximum Efficiency
In our experience very few people have the time to spend endless hours dealing with travel arrangements, which is usually just one aspect of a very busy working schedule. Yet the detail must be just right. We’ve tailored our booking system to be as efficient as possible giving you the confidence to carry on with the rest of your demanding day.

•Deal with one dedicated broker throughout
•Give all necessary information in one, easy procedure
•Receive quote – always with several options
•Receive contract of booking
•Keep updated with our pre-flight check list
If you have any questions, at any time, you will have the direct contact details of your consultant to assist you.

When Speed is Everything
Being in the right place at the right time is vital in today’s fast-paced world. Whether it makes the difference between winning or losing a business-breaking deal or maximising cherished time with loved ones, sometimes you just need to be somewhere else – fast.

Failsafe Guarantee
It’s a simple fact of life that, even with meticulous organisation, external factors can suddenly make Plan A unattainable. The advantage of chartering with us is that we possess the resources to have a Plan B and Plan C waiting in the wings.

That’s why we guarantee to do everything possible to deliver our promises to you, without it ever becoming your problem.

Considering our unrivalled access to the world’s largest fleet of aircraft, our commitment to service and extensive experience, we make a pretty powerful team to have on your side in the world of aviation.

Our Track Record
Once people have used our services they tend to make a habit of it. That in itself is tribute to the name of Rush Jets. An impeccable reputation means everything to us, and to the many, varied clients who trust us to deliver their high expectations every day of the year. We have worked hard to become one of the most respected aircraft charter brokers in the world – a position we continue to protect with utmost care.

Financial stability and a continued commitment to organisations which regulate high industry standards also reassure clients of our dedication - not just to previous achievements, but to the future of aviation and Rush Jets place within it.

VIP Travel for All
All the aircraft we use are privately owned, VIP quality, superbly appointed and new or nearly new.

The advantage of us being successful brokers is that we have access to an enormous database of around 50,000 aircraft built to this level of comfort. Tell our specialist team your budget and your requirements, they will then select the best options for you.

When you book your private jet charter service with Rushjets  5 star service    really does come as standard

24 Hour Customer Service Line:

+44  (0)1702 6183 389


Our Range of AirShips


Lightships is a full service Airship advertising company that provides integrated airship promotional campaigns for major international clients.

In 1987 Jim Thiele, founded the American Blimp Corporation having devised the Lightship ® concept, subsequently building the prototype Lightship A-50 in 1988.

Virgin Lightships Inc, a subsidiary of the Virgin Group of Companies, was formed in 1989 as an airship operator, purchasing the first of four Lightships in 1990.

In 1990, the first production Lightship, the A-60, was manufactured by American Blimp in its new Hillsboro, Oregon facility, FAA certified the same year, and sold to Virgin Lightships.

The A-60 was upgraded in 1991 to an A-60+ with an increase in envelope volume to 68,000 cubic feet, increasing the lift capabilities of the airship.

In 1993, Lightship America was formed as an airship operator affiliate of American Blimp, operating the first of three A-60+ Lightships.

The Lightship Group was formed in 1995 as a partnership between Virgin Lightships and Lightship America, operating a total of seven A60+ Lightships through offices in Orlando, FL, USA and Telford, UK.

The first A-150 nine passenger Lightship was built and FAA certified in 1997 and was commissioned as the flagship of Sanyo North America Corporation.

As TLG expanded its global operations in the late 1990's, an office was opened in Rio de Janeiro in 1998 and Singapore in 1999.

In 2000, TLG teamed with an aerial film and video camera company, Flying Pictures, Ltd of the UK to form a joint venture company, Flying Pictures Live Ltd to provide aerial television coverage of sporting events from TLG's global airship fleet.

By 2001, TLG operated 16 Lightships on six continents for such major corporations as Anheuser-Busch, Mazda, Sanyo, Monster.com, Natwest Bank, StarHub, Goodyear, Orange, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, and HP Hood.

In 2002, Virgin Lightships was purchased by a company affiliated with American Blimp.

In 2004 TLG embarked on an ambitious product redevelopment project, and began designing and building the revolutionary A-170 Video Lightsign Lightship. This 178ft long, 170,000 cu ft airship is fitted with a giant 70ft x 30ft full color LED video screen on one side. FAA certification was achieved in early 2006, and the first unit was launched in Australia for the General Motors Holden brand. The success of this new product led to additional contracts in the US for Ginn Resorts and DirecTV.

In 2006 TLG moved its Singapore office to Beijing, China, to take advantage of the growing opportunities in this country, and as a headquarters for TLG’s Asia-Pacific region.

Today, TLG is the world's largest airship operator, providing integrated, full service Airship advertising and promotional programs across the globe for such esteemed companies as MetLife, General Motors, Goodyear, DirecTV, Syngenta, Nissen, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and HP Hood.